Sparkle Rays

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Needlepoint 13-14 Count. Long Stitch 13-18 Count. 97% Polyester, 3% Nylon 10 Yard Cards. Made in Japan
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Neon Metallic ribbons that glow in the light. Sparkle Rays is 2mm wide and Petite Sparkle Rays is 1.5mm wide. Best when laying tool is used. Petite includes 3 Glow In Dark colors.














Rainbow Gallery Sparkle Rays

SR01, SR02, SR03, SR04, SR05, SR06, SR07, SR08, SR09, SR10, SR11, SR12, SR20, SR21, SR22, SR23, SR24, SR25, SR26, SR27, SR28, SR29, SR30, SR31, SR32, SR33, SR34, SR35, SR36, SR37, SR38, SR39, SR40, SR41, SR42, SR43, SR44, SR45, SR46, SR47, SR48, SR49, SR50, SR51, SR52, SR53, SR54, SR55, SR56, SR57, SR58, SR59, SR60, SR61, SR62, SR63, SR64, SR65, SR66, SR67, SR68, SR69, SR70, SR71, SR72, SR73, SR74, SR75, SR77, SR78 

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