Petite Silk Lame’ Braid SP91-SP183

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Needlepoint 18 Count. 92% Silk, 5% Rayon, 3% Metalized Polyester. 20 Yard Cards. Made in USA.
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A finer version then Silk Lame 18 that you use as is off the card. Silk and metallic braided together in a Petite size which is perfect for 18 mesh canvas. Great for open background stitches where you want the painted canvas to show also perfect for intricate shaded canvases. Can also work for lighter coverage for larger mesh canvases. With a wide range of colors Silk Lame Petite makes and excellent thread for beading.










Rainbow Gallery Petite Silk Lame’ Braid 

SP91, SP92, SP93, SP94, SP95, SP96, SP97, SP98, SP99, SP100, SP101, SP102, SP103, SP103, SP104, SP105, SP106, SP107, SP108, SP109, SP110, SP111, SP112, SP113, SP114, SP115, SP116, SP117, SP118, SP119, SP120, SP121, SP122, SP123, SP124, SP125, SP126, SP127, SP128, SP129, SP130, SP134, SP135, SP136, SP137, SP138, SP139, SP140, SP141, SP142, SP143, SP145, SP146, SP147, SP148, SP149, SP150, SP151, SP152, SP153, SP154, SP155, SP156, SP157, SP158, SP159, SP160, SP161, SP162, SP163, SP164, SP165, SP166, SP167, SP168, SP169, SP170, SP171, SP172, SP173, SP174, SP175, SP176, SP177, SP178, SP179, SP180, SP181, SP182, SP183

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