Very Velvet

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Needlepoint 13-18 Count. 100% Nylon. 10 Yard Cards. Made in Italy
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Looks like velvet when stitched and is great for garments as well as architectural elements on painted canvases. Strong and holds up very well. Petite colors dyed to match Very Velvet.









Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet

V201, V202, V203, V204, V205, V206, V207, V208, V209, V210, V211, V212, V213, V214, V215, V216, V217, V218, V219, V220, V221, V222, V223, V224, V225, V226, V227, V228, V229, V230, V231, V232, V233, V234, V235, V236, V237, V238, V239, V240, V241, V242, V243, V244, V245, V246, V247, V248, V249, V250, V251, V252, V253, V254, V255, V256, V257, V258, V259, V260, V261, V262, V263, V264, V265, V266, V267, V268, V269, V270, V271, V272, V273, V274, V275, V276, V277, V278, V279, V280, V281, V282, V283, V284, V285, V286, V287

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