Silk Lame' Braid Plus

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A mix of silk and metallic together give your design a wonderful sparkle. You can use it as is off the card for stitching, no plying necessary. 13 to 18 count. Makes a beautiful twisted cord and tassel for finishing.
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LM01 Black  LM02 White  LM03 Ecru  LM04 Antique Rose  LM05 Avocado  LM06 Gold  LM07 Pink  LM08 Red

LM09 Dark Red  LM10 Green  LM11 Yellow  LM12 Purple  LM13 Sky Blue  LM14 Blue  LM15 Dark Blue

LM16 Navy  LM17 Light Surf  LM18 Surf Blue  LM19 Antique Rose  LM20 Dark Antique Blue 

LM21 Lite Lavender  LM22 Lavender  LM23 Pink Rose  LM24 Baby Pink  LM25 Rose Pink  LM26 Raspberry

LM27 Garnet  LM28 Burgundy  LM29 Chiffon  LM30  Orange  LM31 Copper  LM32 Coffee  LM33 Eggshell 

LM34 Lemon  LM35 Buttercup  LM36  Chartreuse 

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