S4003 Lap/Table Stand

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Provides an exceptionally sturdy base for use on top of a table or on your lap.
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The lap stand consists of two parts. The first is a flat solid metal base with a small lip. As designed by the manufacturer, the Needlework System 4 scroll frame or the Q snap holder attach DIRECTLY to this flat base. The second part is a curved metal piece that is designed to be used with the frame clamp; it attaches to the flat bottom base and sticks up at the angle you select; then you attach the frame clamp to the top of the curved piece. Some people do choose to use the curved piece on their lap/table stand when using the Needlework System 4 scroll frame or Q snap holder; it's your option to get the height/angle you want while making sure it is still stable.

A bonus feature of this lap stand is that the upright curved piece that holds the frame clamp can also used as an extension piece on the floor stand (best used on the regular stand, not the Travel Mate). If you have both a lap stand and a floor stand, when you are not using the lap stand you can remove this piece from it and attach it to the floor stand to get an additional 9" of reach (of course you can also buy this extension piece separately).

The lap stand base measures 16" wide by 10" and has a weight of about 3 pounds or 1.4 kilograms (this is the weight of the lap stand only; to this you would need to add the weight of your top which will vary depending on which top you use with it).

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