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Needlepoint 13-18 Count. 100% Silk. 10 Yards. Made in Switzerland
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This is a twisted silk pearl #5.Grandeur is dye matched to many of the Splendor colors. It also matches several colors of the thinner weight Elegance and the #12 pearl silk, Subtlety.











Rainbow Gallery Grandeur

G800, G801, G802, G804, G807, G808, G809, G812, G813, G814, G815, G816, G817, G818, G819, G820, G821, G823, G824, G826, G829, G830, G831, G832, G837, G838, G840, G841, G844, G845, G848, G851, G853, G855, G857, G858, G859, G864, G867, G877, G878, G879, G880, G883, G886, G887, G888, G889, G892, G894, G904, G905, G906, G907, G908, G909, G911, G913, G922, G924, G930, G932, G933, G935, G936, G941, G953, G960, G961, G966, G1005, G1016, G1105, G1119, G1134, G1138

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