Frosty Rays Y001-Y104

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Needlepoint 10 to 14 Count. Long Stitch 12 to 18 Count. 50% Nylon, 32% Viscose, 18% Polyester. 206 Colors. 5 yards. Made in USA. Drop down menu below for color name or number; not necessarily in alphabetical or numerical order.
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Flair and Tiara metallic are used together to create Frosty Rays. With the metallic inside of the tube of Flair it gives Frosty Rays a softer more muted effect along with a thread that has more body. Also because of the metallic it is not as shear as Flair. Works best on larger mesh canvas.


















Rainbow Gallery Frosty Rays

Y001, Y002, Y003, Y004, Y005, Y007, Y010, Y012, Y013, Y014, Y015, Y017, Y018, Y019, Y020, Y021, Y022, Y023, Y024, Y025, Y026, Y027, Y028, Y029, Y030, YO31, Y032, Y033, Y034, Y035, Y036, Y038, Y040, Y042, Y043, Y045, Y046, Y047, Y048, Y049, Y050, Y051, Y052, Y053, Y054, Y055, Y056, Y057, Y058, Y059, Y060, Y061, Y062, Y063, Y064, Y065, Y066, Y067, Y068, Y069, Y070, Y071, Y072, Y073, Y075, Y076, Y077, Y079, Y080, Y081, Y082, Y083, Y084, Y085, Y086, Y087, Y088, Y090, Y091, Y094, Y095, Y096, Y098, Y099, Y101, Y102, Y103, Y104

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