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Needlepoint 14 to 18 Count. Long Stitch 16 to 24 Count. 100% Nylon. 10 Yards. Made in France & England
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Flair has a nice glimmer that will not overpower the other fibers in your work. Its very subtle shine will add interest to your work. On painted canvasses it reinforces the color underneath. Flair is a tubular nylon netting that will unravel. Remember to lay Flair, as you do not want it to twist. The effect will be well worth the effort.












Rainbow Gallery Flair

F501, F502, F503, F504, F505, F506, F507, F508. F509, F510, F511, F512, F514, F515, F516, F517, F518, F519, F521, F522, F523, F524, F525, F526, F527, F528, F529, F530, F531, F533, F534, F535, F536, F537, F538, F539, F541, F542, F543, F545, F546, F547, F548, F551, F552, F553, F554, F556, F557, F559, F560, F561, F562, F563, F565, F566, F567, F568, F569, F570, F571, F572, F573, F574, F575, F576, F577, F579, F580, F581, F582, F583, F584, F585, F587, F588, F589, F590, F591, F593, F594, F595, F596, F597, F598, F599, F600, F601, F602, F603, F604, F605, F606, F607, F608, F609, F610, F611, F612

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