Canvas Embellishment Tony Minieri Deposit

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Stitchers should have some experience with needlepoint prior to taking this class. Tony love to take a basic stitcher stretch their skill set.

Canvas Embellishment classes are for students wanting to provide a canvas of their choice.  Canvases are delivered to Tony four months ahead of the class so he has ample time to study, interpret, design, select stitches and threads, and write the guide that will help bring the canvas to life.  Each student receives a customized stitch and thread guide for the canvas to accompany individualized instruction during class time. These stitch and thread guides are non-exclusive products, and may be listed in Kazoo's Store for sale to other stitchers. Electronically purchased guides do not have the benefit of Tony's on-site wisdom, humor or clarification of questions, all of which are a bonus when you participate in a class!

Selection of the canvas for canvas embellishment requires some thought. Canvases should have five to seven areas in which stitch patterns can be developed, and the amount of compensation should be considered when choosing the design. Look at the way a canvas is painted. Make sure the perspective is correct, and analyze whether it will require a lot of compensation.

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